Automotive & Aircraft

The Skovsager Group delivers workpieces and solutions to industries whose final products travel long distances and convey many kilos. Our automotive and aircraft customers are subject to strict requirements in terms of safety, documentation, certifications, standards, etc.
At the Skovsager Group, we provide both the quality and documentation to meet these requirements. This is exemplified by the engraving of ID codes into workpieces to make them easy to process and assemble and to ensure the traceability of each component in terms of the customer’s documentation.

Racing car chassis

At QuickTube, which is part of the Skovsager Group, our vast experience of 3D laser tube-cutting technology enables us to cut car chassis. For the Flexlease Racing Team, which manufactures racing cars, we also attach the fibreglass shells to the metal chassis and ID-engrave them so they are easy for the customer to weld together and further process.

Practical aluminium targets

The Skovsager Group custom-makes aluminium targets for the Danish Military. The targets have all the benefits of aluminium as a material: low weight, easy to handle and reusable.

Rear sections that comply with every standard

The Skovsager Group supplies rear sections for lorries and cranes that comply with all standards, strength calculations, etc. We do this in close cooperation with the customer’s own structural designers so we can jointly provide the exact solution the customer needs. We are also responsible for the task’s sheet processing, and the Skovsager Group engraves workpieces to meet customer specifications.
Pictures on the way!