The Skovsager Group delivers all types of steel structures for your building project. If desired, we can assume responsibility for the whole process – from conceptualisation and statics calculations to the delivery of the finished solution. With a vast range of machinery that also includes the biggest 3D laser tube cutter in Scandinavia, the Skovsager Group has both the machinery and the know-how to provide unique solutions to the construction industry.

Aluminium roof structure

The Skovsager Group has made a special aluminium roof structure for a Norwegian customer – for a building project in Norway. We deliver the workpieces as a finished “assembly kit” according to the basic drawings received from the customer. The workpieces are painted and surface treated and are ready to be craned into place for the customer.
A good example of one-stop-shop cooperation where we manufacture, package and deliver the finished solution that is ready for use.
Pictures on the way!