Wind turbines

The wind turbine industry is constantly changing and developing, meaning that the requirements are changing all the time, too. The Skovsager Group adapts to these requirements specified by our wind-turbine customers to match their demands with excellent high-calibre products. In this respect, the Skovsager Group provides professional advice, technical and sector-related know-how, efficient manufacturing processes and a supply chain that gives our customers precision, quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Wind-turbine project on Anholt – Supply Chain

All components of the wind-turbine towers used for the wind-turbine project on the island of Anholt were made by the Skovsager Group. These include ladders, lamps, cables, lifts inside the towers and platforms. Everything was manufactured, packed and dispatched from the Skovsager Group for the 110 wind-turbine towers on Anholt.
The Skovsager Group sourced everything for the customer, even the plastic strips for the lifts, and all platforms were welded, built and manufactured by our skilled employees.
Dong Energy project