Our engineers and technicians are standing by to advise and innovate, working with your team. Together, we develop and implement well-thought-out projects, tailored to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day-to-day technical support or major, complex projects.
We incorporate 3D engineering, cost-reduction, manufacturing maturation and tool optimisation into how we envisage the project – and the sooner we get involved in a project, the better able we are to steer the task through to a satisfactory conclusion. The Skovsager Group makes a positive contribution to your project, no matter whether you bring us in right from the concept stage or whether you involve us in projects requiring further work.

With us, you will find a highly proficient team who bring a great deal of knowledge to your project in the fields of sheet processing of aluminium and steel, design, choice of materials, production processes and assembly. Combined with efficient, precision production, this makes us a professional, stable external supplier who infuses your project with maximum value.

Project flow

1: Project start-up
We receive your enquiry for a future project, and a project manager is permanently attached to the project.

2: Possible solutions
We work with the customer to identify and develop concepts for the opportunities and challenges of the project. As part of this, we may become involved in the development and design of individual products.

3: Specifying and determining the project
The structural engineering and final design aspects are established in cooperation with the customer.

4: Production preparations
We establish production methods and logistics and, if relevant, enter into agreements with business partners (external suppliers), and begin preparing the production process. Documentation requirements are established.

5: Production
Production, including assembly, gets under way under the watchful eye of our project managers, including liaising with business partners (external suppliers), if any.

6: Delivery
Your finished project is delivered on time and at the agreed quality. If relevant, stocking of the product is agreed so that the products are delivered in accordance with a specified delivery plan.